Massage therapy works by triggering mechanical responses and relaxation responses. Both of these methods promote nervous system reactions that allow your body’s physiology to change. Combined, these techniques can promote positive benefits both physically and emotionally.

The first step is to get your body to relax. This is the most important factor in this kind of therapy. Usually, what therapist do is locate a part of your body that is in pain, and, in a delicate and soft manner, massage it. This is a kind of communication with your body that promotes relaxation.

The second step, once your body is relaxed, is to apply pressure to the soft tissue located in your body. The objective of this is to loosen your bodily tissue and encourage the free flow of different fluids, along with your own blood. This serves as a kind of improvement in the way your body works mechanically.

The benefits are varied. But among them, you can find stress release, less depression, higher levels of serotonin, improvement in digestive disorders, and improvement in circulation.

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